5 Best Wine Refrigerators

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Wine or in Indonesian called wine and often shortened to just wine is a drink that requires special handling.

Wine in general is not suitable if stored in a regular refrigerator, let alone in the freezer. Regular refrigerators generally have a temperature of 4°C or less, as high as 6°C. Whereas the ideal wine storage temperature ranges from 7 to 18°C.

Luckily Gea has a special refrigerator that is used to store wine and here are 5 special wine refrigerator products from Gea. Bar fridges

1. Gea XW85

The Gea XW85 is a refrigerated wine storage cabinet that has a wooden shelf. Even though it uses wooden shelves, it doesn’t mean that this wine storage cabinet is old-fashioned because there are some advanced technologies embedded in it.

For example, this refrigerator uses a digital thermometer, so the temperature in the cupboard can be monitored more accurately. The cooling compressor is sophisticated enough so it is not noisy.

The capacity of this refrigerator is 85 liters, enough to store about 18 bottles of wine. The electricity consumption needed is only about 82 watts, very economical. The refrigerant used uses non-CFC materials so that this cabinet is quite friendly to the environment.

2. Gea XW-400E

Like the Gea XW85, the Gea XW-400E wine cooler also uses wooden shelves, but this time the capacity is much larger, at 342 liters. This cupboard has 7 shelves and in total can accommodate about 100 bottles of wine.

The Gea XW-400E temperature marker uses a digital thermometer so that the temperature shown is more accurate, considering that wine is quite vulnerable to storage temperature. The Gea XW-400E has an operating temperature of 6 to 14°C.

Since the capacity is relatively large, the need for electrical power is also quite large, which is 160 watts. But even that number can be called economical.


3. Gea RT-400L-2

The Gea RT-400L-2 wine cooler is made of a metal frame and all four walls are made of glass. Already, the Gea RT-400L-2 is also equipped with interior lights.

Thus, the owner or potential wine buyers can see the contents more clearly and freely. The Gea RT-400L-2 is quite large and has a capacity of 420 liters, enough to store about 81 bottles of wine.

Although the capacity is larger than the Gea XW-400E, the bottle capacity is indeed smaller, because the storage rack is tilted. The location of the sloping bottle is indeed more towards aesthetics because it gives a “dramatic” impression.

Due to its relatively large cabinet size, the Gea RT-400L-2 is equipped with castor wheels for easy transport. The Gea RT-400L-2 has a digital temperature control and its operating temperature ranges from 5 to 18°C.

4. Gea RWC-01

Gea RWC-01 is a wine storage cabinet that has a stainless steel frame so it is strong and durable. The four walls are made of glass and use LED lights as lighting.

The refrigerant used by this refrigerator is CFC-free, so it is relatively safe for the environment. Just like the frame, the rack used to support the wine bottles is also made of stainless steel.

The Gea RWC-01 operates in temperatures that range from 6 to 14°C and to monitor the temperature, a digital thermometer is available for greater accuracy. The capacity of the Gea RWC-01 is 1155 liters, enough to store 168 bottles of wine.

5. Gea W-185

Gea W-185 is a wine cooler that is quite sophisticated because it consists of 6 shelves and each space separated by the rack can be set its own temperature.

Thus this wine cooler can be used to store various types of wine with different ideal storage temperatures.

Although the operating temperature is 6 to 18°C, which is quite far above the freezing point of water, this refrigerator is still equipped with an anti-freeze feature.

To make the wine stored in it last longer, the Gea W-185 is equipped with a carbon filter and an ultraviolet light filter. The Gea W-185’s storage capacity is 113 bottles of wine and the total volume of its cabinet space is 365 liters.
This wine storage cabinet will be commonly found in hotels or locations that are relatively frequented by foreign tourists.