Hydraulic Oil Coolers

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Hydraulic oil coolers are devices that are used to cool the fluid that resides in a hydraulic system. Commercial air cleaner They are designed to remove excess heat from the system, which will ultimately improve its performance. Some of the benefits of using a cooler include added life for the system, increased efficiency, and reduced operating temperatures.

An oil cooler is usually made of metal and is constructed to maintain a lower temperature than the oil that is being cooled. This helps to reduce deterioration and prevents the loss of viscosity. Many types of hydraulic systems rely on pressurized oils to lubricate moving internal components. When the oil is heated too much, the efficiency of the system will decrease, and there will be a buildup of particulates in the system.

These units can be air-cooled or water-cooled. Both can be utilized for different applications. Air cooled products are suited for mobile applications, while water cooled products are suitable for stationary operations.

There are many designs of hydraulic oil coolers, including shell and tube, brazed plate, and plate and frame types. Each type has its own unique features, depending on the model. The most common type is the water cooled type. It has a cast iron shell that is sealed to prevent leaks. Other types include brazed plate heat exchangers, which are often used by equipment manufacturers. A few of the options available include titanium tube stacks, which can be used for higher temperature applications.

To ensure proper operation, a hydraulic oil cooler should be properly sized. You can calculate your oil cooler’s size based on your system’s continuous input power. Then, you can choose the appropriate tube stack size. If you are installing a shell and tube unit, you will need to enclose the pipes that carry the oil. Also, you will need to select a seal material. Seals come in a standard nitrile material, but you can also use ethylene propylene or Viton for additional cost.

You can also install an air-cooled hydraulic oil cooler, which uses a powerful fan to force air across pipe coils. These units can be used for high-pressure applications, such as in deep underground mining. For these types of units, you may need to purchase pressure and temperature bypass valves.

Hydraulic oil coolers are a crucial piece of equipment for temperature-optimized hydraulic systems. These devices are designed to cool the oil, which helps to reduce its viscosity breakdown and prolong the life of the system. With the right unit and installation services, you can maximize machine performance.

Hydraulic oil coolers are commonly installed in power packs, in hydraulic pumps, and in engines. They are often found in a wide variety of applications, from plastic injection molding machines to hydraulic presses. Most of them use air or water as their coolant medium.

Some of the other benefits of using an oil cooler are the prevention of overheating and the removal of thermal energy from the system. Overheating can damage the system’s components, resulting in excessive wear and tear.