Nigerian Restaurant Menu

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A Nigerian Restaurant menu is your ticket to an authentic West African dining experience if you’ve been craving some authentic West African cuisine. Kiza Dubai The restaurant’s namesake, Chef Olaide, combines his family’s tradition with culinary training to create modern renditions of classic West African dishes. He hopes diners will experience Nigeria with every bite. The restaurant’s menu includes traditional Nigerian dishes such as beef stew, buka stew, and a spicy dish called suya.

Most Nigerian restaurants offer at least a portion of the following popular dishes: jollof rice, red tomato stew, fufu, and suya. A typical Nigerian Restaurant menu will also include a goat dish. Goat is commonly served with platter-style meals, with meat served on the bone or cut up. Goat is tender and flavorful, and chefs prepare it in various ways, including in stews and mashed with sauces.