Presents Beautiful Table Decorations for the New Year with a Minimalist Budget

Posted on October 13, 2021Comments Off on Presents Beautiful Table Decorations for the New Year with a Minimalist Budget


Welcoming the new year, everyone must have been busy preparing for the holidays or beautiful decorations at home. Special moments like this, the dining table becomes the most favorite place and is often visited by family members. Because there will definitely be a special dish after Christmas and welcome the New Year’s celebration which is a shame if you miss it. Moments like this are an opportunity for mothers to take out all the beautiful tableware, and immediately set the dining table for gathering.

Decorating a table set does not have to be expensive, as stated by Yulie Nasution Grillon, a painting artist and owner of Y&D dinnerware who is preparing the book “The Art of Table Setting” with her daughter Dara Setyohadi. Y&D presents this book to share about the art of table setting, Y&D tableware products, table etiquette and others.

Last week, FIMELA visited the behind-the-scenes photo shoot for the book, where several table setting themes were presented, such as: Eclectic, Indonesia meets western and Gustav Klimt’s style. Bar stool vintage is also the wife of Paraguay’s ambassador to Indonesia, Cesar Esteban Grillon, had time to share tricks for decorating a beautiful table set without incurring expensive costs, such as the following:

– Decoration device
The first step before starting to decorate the dining table, Yulie suggested that we collect the decorations first. Dinner ware with neutral colors, festive color ribbons as accents, flowers and food themes to choose from.

– No more than four colors
Even though the New Year’s celebration is synonymous with festive, that doesn’t mean we can combine all colors. A maximum of four colors in the dining table decoration, for example white with black then place mat gold and colored with scattered rose petals. Don’t forget that the center piece must match the theme so it doesn’t look too crowded.

– Take advantage of existing devices
Every celebration does not always have to buy new equipment, we can add cheap knick-knacks. For example, adding a 4cm ribbon that can be decorated as creatively as possible, according to our theme and creation.
The tips above can be immediately put into practice to welcome this new year. Moreover, if a large family has an agenda to gather. It’s easy and doesn’t really cost much. Bring holiday festivities on the dining table, a must.

Get a Stylish Modern Home as Easy as Moving Your Fingers

Early last June, I was present at the launch of the latest e-commerce home decoration in Indonesia, namely Calling itself a stylish e-commerce furniture to meet your dream residential needs, without having to tire of going out. It’s just as easy as moving your finger!

Located at Lewis & Carol Tea, Jl. Earth, I feel the atmosphere of a stylish residence in the style of Lumikasa in a room that has been transformed into a beautiful, modern-style living room. Present that afternoon with invited guests and the media, actress and public figure Cathy Sharon who also shared stories about home living. “I am indeed a very detailed person regarding household furniture. Where I travel there I will spend money to organize my house,” said Cathy, who loves this modern minimalist-style furniture.

Not only Cathy, the afternoon event was also attended by Evita Luminto as the founder and owner of Lumikasa who said that the collection of modern-style furniture presented had been selected by experienced curators, with affordable prices too. Various accessories such as tables, chairs, sofas to flower vases complete the collection. It feels like immediately want to decorate the house, yes, Fimelova.